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WILDCAT EPIC EVENTS is ready to host your companies next FUN TEAM EVENT!

WCE is an emerging group of facilitators, event planners and adventure enthusiasts that have pooled their vast amount of experience in the indoor and outdoor art of ‘adventure play’. The Wildcat Epic Events team bring fresh ideas and extensive experience to the conference room and a customized approach to team/relationship building and event planning.

You may ask how does ‘Adventure’ meet a corporate retreat requirement, so let’s define the word adventure.

ADVENTURE: “An Unusual experience with an uncertain outcome or participating in unusual undertakings that may involve risk and can lead to gains of knowledge”.
To us, adventure is an experience that promotes out of the box thinking and becomes a catalyst to: THE BUILDING OF TEAMS AND RELATIONSHIPS.

We have a range of programs, starting with an hour of breakout challenges, to a few days of unique experiences mixed in to your meeting and retreat program. It all depends on your timeline and requirements.

Here are just a few examples of programs that we could offer depending on the duration of your retreat:

Getting there: Often groups spend an hour or more just getting to their retreat location, so why not turn that time into a teambuilding activity! Try our Hair Razing race to anywhere you choose. Duration around 3 hours.

Breakout time: Has your group been sitting for too long in the meeting room? Offer them a break out session to stretch their legs: T.E.A.M performance includes a series of short energizers to get the blood flowing again. Try Pipeline, precious cargo, or Blindfold tent. Duration 10 -15 min each.
Half day: We have a bunch of options to fill this category ranging from a Hair Razing race in the area or around the resort and Adventure Orienteering in the great outdoors. Or try a fun version of Mini Olympics or Splash games. Ready Steady cook! and DeVINE tasting are examples of indoor activities we offer. As does the full version of T.E.A.M Performance. What about Going tribal, or creating an African drum circle….
Full day – multi day: Let us know what time you have and when it fits into you retreat plans, and we will create the program to suit your needs. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between…. Ready steady cook; Adventure pursuit, Going tribal, Make a Splash Kayaking and Stranded! And the list goes on…..

Casual time: Why not turn dessert into a bonding opportunity with Desserted, a great team culinary experience…..duration 45min.
Play time: Maybe your clients want to get out and taste some Adventure. Now we all know that the Gunk’s is the ultimate playground. So we have an entire Adventure Menu of activities to offer your client. Mountain biking the Minnewaska carriage roads, guided float trips down the Wallkill river, hey how about a guided cross country ski experience or a Snowshoeing day in the back country.
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