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Welcome to the annual Gran Fondo Gunks! We are very excited about this year’s event. Please review this information carefully. If you have any questions, please email Gunter at

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  • Contact Details
  • Main Event Address
  • Site Map
  • Event Schedule
  • Parking
  • Technical Support
  • Cue Sheets
  • Aid Stations
  • Rules


Contact Details:

Gunter Spilhaus                  631-258-1645        

Info line                           845-256 8073

Main Event Site Address:

Ulster County Pool complex

207 Libertyville Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561

Packet Pick Up Location:

The Bike Depot: They will have all last minute bike supplies”

Address: 15 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561

Phone:(845) 255-3859


Gran Fondo Gunks course Map

September 22nd

Event Schedule:

** For packet pickup riders need to bring photo ID and sign the event waiver **


Saturday, September 21st

12pm–5pm         Packet pickup and registration at the Bike Depot in New Paltz


Sunday, September 22nd

6:30am-7:30am         Packet pickup and registration at the Main Event Site

7:45am         Pre-ride briefing

7:45am         Introduce Eamonn’s Energy

8:00am                   All courses of the Gran Fondo Gunks leave the start line

12:00 -5pm                   Pasta Meal at Main event site

10am – 3pm                  Hudson Valley Harvest Festival at Fair Grounds

4:00pm                  Gran Fondo King and Queen of the Mountain Awards Ceremony
Free parking for riders and spectators is available at the Ulster County pool complex with overflow at the Fairgrounds parking. Please follow Gran Fondo Gunks parking signs and park in the designated area.


Technical Support:

SAG vehicles will be on course to support riders. Select Aid Stations will have a basic service station.


Course map and Cue Sheets:

We will supply cue sheets for your respective courses in the rider packet


Gran Fondo – 108 mile ride

Distance: 108.3 mi
Elevation: + 8217 / – 8215 ft


Medio Fondo – 68 mile ride

Distance: 67.5 mi
Elevation: + 5062 / – 5060 ft


Piccolo Fondo – 38 miles ride

Distance: 38.2 mi
Elevation: + 1945 / – 1944 ft


Mini Fondo – 18 mile ride ( Not Timed)

Distance: 17.4 mi
Elevation: + 772 / – 770 ft


Course Markings:

Every intersection is marked with 3-4 painted road arrows. With an initial heads up arrow 30-40 feet ahead of the turn, a turn arrow in the turn and a confirmation arrow following the turn. We will be providing you with cue sheets for your respective courses, and it is your responsibly to have them available during your ride and to anticipate turns and the splits in the courses.


Orange is Gran Fondo 108

White is Medio Fondo 68

Red is Piccolo Fondo 38 and

Blue is Mini Fondo 18.


Aid Stations:


AID Station #1: Mile 17

At New Prospect Church, corner off Rt 52 and Bruynswick rd


KOM # 1 start at Mile 20.6 : Distance 3 miles

Start opposite the Fire House and climb continuous to summit.


AID Station #2: Mile 28.2

At The Publick House Rest/bar in Ellenville On corner of Canal and Liberty rd


KOM # 2 start at Mile 34.5 : Distance 5.6 miles

Start as you get onto Rt44/55 and climb with 2 false summits and spectacular views of the Catskill mtns


AID Station #3: Mile 43.8

At roadside, on corner rt 44/55 and Clove rd


AID Station #4: Mile 53.6

At Davenports Farm Market in Stone Ridge


AID Station #5: Mile 63

On Dam wall at Reservoir (Basic supplies only)


KOM # 3 start at Mile 69.6 : Distance 3.1 miles with a Camelback. Start climbing up Boyce rd climb, descend Glenford and climb up Severn Sisters ( Ohayo mtn)


AID Station #6: Mile 76.7

At Overlook Bike Shop in down town Woodstock


AID Station #7: Mile 94.4


Finish: Mile 108.3 LEFT TURN ACROSS TRAFFIC to finish!


There is also an aid station and a PASTA MEAL available at the Main Event Site.


Event Rules & Regulations


Be careful and pay attention. Stay alert – stay alive. Please take your time to enjoy the wonderful views and roads. Be courteous to your fellow riders, please pass and ride on the left and be cautious entering and exiting rest stops.


This is a must! No one will be allowed to ride without a cycling helmet with the chin strap fastened at all times while on the Fondo courses. No tricycles, trailers or powered vehicles of any kind will be allowed to ride.



This applies to everyone, fast or slow, newbie or experienced. This includes, but is not limited to, traffic lights and stop signs.



At all times, except when passing and ride single file when able. Keep in mind that the roads will still be open to traffic. While you will have support vehicles and ride officials manning main intersections, please be aware that you will be sharing the road with other cyclists and vehicles.



We don’t want anyone to miss the cheering crowds and musical rest stops, plus, it is not safe.



We will ride regardless of the weather, unless safety dictates otherwise, so please plan accordingly.


The course and the finish line will close at 5pm, and at that time the ride will be officially over.



We route you through some amazingly beautiful country. Do not litter – keep all gel packs, inner tubes and all disposable items with you until they can be disposed of properly. Please treat others with respect and be courteous to drivers by keeping right to let them pass when possible.



There are no exceptions to this rule!


All registered cyclists must display their event number on their handlebars Riders who do not have this will not be able to enjoy or access the rest stops or the finish line Pasta Dinner. Any rider who is not an official part of the Fondo will not be allowed to use the rest stops.


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