Kayak Essentials Lesson

Essentials of Kayak Touring

The Essentials of Kayak Touring course is designed to teaACA Logoch beginner paddlers to safely and enjoyably kayak on lakes, calm protected ocean environments and other flatwater settings.

The course is focused on learning to travel safely and efficiently by kayak. There is more emphasis on practicing simple rescues, strokes and maneuvers, understanding tides and currents, the use of a compass and a review of emergency equipment and the basic rules of the road.

This Essentials lesson is presented over 6-8 hours, and takes place on local waters of the Roundout Creek and the Hudson River and the location will be announced the day before the course based on local conditions. You will be contacted by Gunter to discuss the location for the lesson.

Medical: You should speak with your instructor before the course starts about any medical issues or concerns you may have about the course, so we can accommodate your needs during the lesson.

Required Equipment: We have four 14-foot touring kayaks available for use by students. If you prefer to use your own, please ensure it is a properly outfitted touring kayak, with two sealed bulkheads. We will provide PFD (personal flotation device) and paddle.  We will have paddle floats and pumps for loan during the course, but we recommend that you have your own if possible so you can practice with it. Please also bring your sense of adventure and a willingness to learn and be prepared to step out our of your comfort zone to gain a new set of skills.

Personal Equipment:  We recommend clothing suitable for immersion, as you will be getting wet during the rescue skills portion of the course. A dry wick shirt (no cotton or synthetics) and water shoes (no open sandals) are required. If you prefer to use nose-clips or swim goggles while underwater please bring them along. You should also bring along sunglasses (with straps), a hat with a visor, bug repellant, sunscreen and a spare set of clothes to change into after the course. Also be sure to bring a windbreaker in case it is chilly

NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items. Plan to leave electronic keys, cell phones, etc. on shore or in a floating, waterproof container. Consider retention aids for prescription glasses, hats and other items dear to you.

Be prepared: If you are looking to purchase any equipment before your lesson, please speak with the Boating Department staff at Kenco’s Outdoors. They have it all and have very knowledgeable staff to assist you.

Minimum age:  10  (children 10 – 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)

Cost for the class: $250.00 per person

Duration: 6-8 hours

Class capacity: 4

If you are new to kayaking, you may also want to consider our Introduction to Kayaking course.

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