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2015 Rider Handbook

Welcome to the 4th annual Wildcat 100 MTB race and the 6th year of Wildcat Epic Events.We are very excited about the new look of the Wildcat 100. The all new course has a focus on the great mtb trails in Lippmann Park and the surrounding DEC area called Lundy Estate. We have partnered with the Trail building team from the Renegades MTB club and having learnt from our mistakes, we are on our way to growing the Wildcat 100 into an Epic race and an icon on the endurance calendar in the North East. We hope everyone will look ahead at where the Wildcat 100 is going and give us your support.Please review this information carefully.  If you have any questions, please email Gunter at gunter@wildcatepicevents.com.


  • Contact Details
  • Event Schedule
  • Parking
  • Camping
  • Bike Support
  • Course Maps
  • General Map
  • Recommended Riding Equipment
  • Rules

Contact Details:

Gunter Spilhaus -631-258-1645- gunter@wildcatepicevents.com

Main Event Site Address: Start line address: Lippman Park, Rt 209, Warwarsing, NY12489

Event Schedule:

** For packet pickup riders need to bring photo ID and sign the race waiver **

Friday:  June 26th

  • 9:00 set up tents at Main event site.
  • 12:00: Rider check in and packet pick up and late Registration open and campers can start setting up.
  • 12:00 Course is set and open for pre riding with some trails remaining open to the public
  • 7:30-8:30 Pasta dinner available at Main event site 1 hr after sunset- sound curfew starts around the Main Event site.

Saturday: June 27th

  • 5:30 On the day rider check in at the main event site.
  • 6:45 100M/K MTB starts. In category waves 2 min apart. (Both 100 mile and 100K)
  • 9:00 Start of the 50 K race
  • 12:00 First riders due at the 66 Mile (100 K) mark, and 1st cut offs take effect out on the course. (cut off details to follow)
  • 2-3pm first 100M finishers and 2nd cut offs on course.
  • 4-5pm WC 100 Prize giving starts, depending on finish times of group.
  • 1hr after sunset sound curfew again

Sunday: June 28th Wake up, relax, grab breakfast in town and ride the Lippman trails one more time before you head home.

Please use the overflow parking at the park so we don’t block up the public parking area.  The park is open to the public during the day. If you are camping you will need a parking tag to bring your car into the pond road area.

Camping:For those of you who are camping, please check in with us first at the Main Event Site. We will supply you with a space for your tent. There are no fires allowed. We will have toilets and a rudimentary shower.

For further info Email: gunter@wildcatepicevents.com or call Gunter at 845-256-8073 for more information or questions about the Wildcat Epic Events.

Date/Time:June 27th, 2015, WC 100 mile/K start at 6:45 amWC 50 K start at 9:00 am

Location:Lippman Park, Warwarsing, NY

Trail Description:Includes technical single track built by the Renegades MTB Club. Some bone yard rock gardens, some smooth woods single track, with berms and bridges in Lippman Park, forestry roads, Dirt roads, connected by quiet back road paved links.

Directions to the Main event site:Take Exit 18 off the New York State Thruway.  72 miles north of the George Washington Bridge NYC. From New Paltz head west on Rt 44/55, Turn left on rt 209 and about 2 mile south turn right into Lippman park:.

Googlemaps Link:Where is Lippman Park  Click here for a Google Map link

Renegades MTB Club One of the goals of our club is to bring the adventure back to mountain biking by exploring off-the-beaten track trails throughout the Hudson Valley. Another is to cultivate a club that encourages a sense of self worth  that comes from a willingness to participate in club activities. We insist that our members share in the onus of maintaining the club rather than simply paying a fee, riding away and letting others do the work. If you have a good work ethic and feel you would like to give back to the mountain bike community through trail building and maintenance then Renegades is the place for you.There are no membership dues. We ask only that you volunteer for trail work/maintenance and help out at our races.Please go to the membership/contact page if you would like more information on how to join the club

On Course Bike Support: We will have two tech support stations at Wildcat 100 this year.

  1. At the Main Event Site: We will have tech support when you lap through the site during the day.
  2. And on the course at CP B. you will pass through CPB on the way out and back from the Sundown Forest loop, and again on your lap.
Riders should plan ahead and carry the basics to maintain trail side, and use the  Tech support for major needs.

Become an IMBA Memberdescribe the image

IMBA is a network of members — individual men and women, families, clubs, retailers, event promoters, travel outfitters and corporate partners. Membership connects you with the world’s largest movement of mountain bikers. We share a passion for bicycling and we promote sustainable experiences in the natural world. 

2 SPECIAL STAGES INTRODUCED- KOM and ENDURO..    KOM  map       Enduro map

  1. KOM: The first to the top of the Quadruple Bypass climb at Mile 6.4- elevation gain 1024
  2. ENDURO: Fastest descent of the 10 mile section..Top of ‘ByPass” and back to Main event site –10.1 miles +472 – 1344 ft


COURSE OVERVIEW WC 100 Miler:  9300+ ft Elevation gain100 Miler Profile- Click here to link to RIDE WITH GPS MapBreakdown of the 100M course: Paved =13.5, Dirt = 23.9, Lippman Park Single Track=30.3, Lundy Single=22,       The rest is Double track and old forest roads!

THE WILDCAT 100 MILERS will do the 100K loop (description below) and then head back out to lap through the last section 2 more times to make up the 100Miler.  This is a big day with plenty of climbing and some of the best single track in the area.  If you are taking on the WC100 make sure you are ready…..The WC100 starts with a road to dirt convoy as the riders enter the Lundy estate to climb some of the best forest road and dbl track in the region. From here we descend all the way back down the Twerwillinger trail going counter clockwise to get back to the well-manicured mountain biking trails in Lippman Park. The work done here by the Renegades Bike club has created a very popular mountain biker destination.After the sweet single track it is back up into Lundy and using Rouge harbor rd we climb out of Lundy on a pave /dirt mix and up to Trail End (and a kicker climb) and descend the bone yard Snow Mobile trail to Upper Cherry town rd.  Then it’s a speedy paved descent back to Rouge harbor and into Lundy once again. At CPB Aid station turn a hard right and climb the Twerwillinger trail going clockwise to get over to upper Lundy road. From here we pick up the Meckler/Cutler trail through Lundy to get back to Lippman Park. The 62M riders finish the day by passing back through the North shore style single track to the Main Event site in Lippman Park.  The 100 milers continue though the Pit lane and head out on the first of 2 19.5-mile laps._________________________________________

WC 100K:  +-6500 ft Elevation Gain:       100 K Profile Click here for Link to RIDE WITH GPS MapBreakdown of the 100K course: Paved =13.5, Dirt = 15.8, Lippman Park Single Track=13.3, Lundy Single=10,       The rest is Double track and old forest roads!_____________________________________

WILDCAT  50K : +-3000 ft elevation gain   50K Profile Click here for link to RIDE WITH GPS mapBreakdown of the 50K course:
Paved =1, Dirt = 5.9, Lippman Park Single Track=13.3, Lundy Single=6.2,The rest is Double track and old forest roads!The course starts with a road to dirt convoy as the riders enter the Lundy estate to climb some of the best forest road and dbl track in the region. At the top of Lundy Rd turn a hard left and cross the Vernooikill Creek and enter the Meckler/Cutler trails to get back to Lippman Park. Once back in Lippman we ride the ‘North shore style’ single track on trails #18/17/15 and 1 to the Main Event site in Lippman Park. Passing though the pit lane you climb the single track back out to Lundy road. And then follow Rogue Harbor rd, a sharp left turn starts a climb up the new Twerwillinger trail thought an amazing new Single-track section build by the Renegades.Once back on Lundy Rd, riders cross the stream and enjoy the trails (Cutler )used by the last Wildcat in Aug to get back to the A

The course starts with a road to dirt convoy as the riders enter the Lundy estate to climb some of the best forest road and dbl track in the region. From here we descend all the way back down the Twerwillinger trail going counter clockwise to get back to the well-manicured mountain biking trails in Lippman Park. The work done here by the Renegades Bike club has created a very popular mountain biker destination.After the sweet single track  it is back up into Lundy and using Rouge harbor rd we climb out of Lundy  on a pave /dirt mix and up to Trail End ( and a kicker climb) and descend the bone yard Snow Mobile trail to Upper Cherry town rd.  Then it’s a speedy paved descent back to Rouge harbor and into Lundy once again. At  CPB Aid station turn a hard right and climb the Twerwillinger trail going clockwise to get over to  upper Lundy road. From here we pick up the Meckler/Cutler trail through Lundy to get back to Lippman Park. We finish the day by passing back through the North shore style single track to the Main Event site in Lippman Park.id at CPA the back door to Lippman Park. After entering Lippman get ready for the sweetest descent following some ‘north shore style’ trail back to the Main event site.


Last 2 laps Profiles:  19.5 miles each with 1800+ feet of elevation gainThe 2nd and 3rd lap for the 100 Milers look like this>Laps Profile: Click here for a RIDE WITH GPS map on the lap


We have cut offs midway during the event preventing slower riders from delaying the event progress. Our estimate is for faster riders on the 100miler to pass the half way mark in about 4-5 hours. That would be around 11 am and finish race back at Lippman in about 7-8 hrs.  As for back marker riders doing the WC100, we will double those times, with cut off times keeping the day under controlCut offs are as follows:

  1. 12 noon at CPB                         Mile 22.5             Shorten course for 100 mile and 100K.
  2. 4 PM at CPB                             Mile 46.7            Shorten course for 100 Mile and 100K
  3. 4 PM at Main event site             Mile 12.4            Cut off for 50 K riders
  4. 5 PM at CPD Lundy river            Mile 50/87            Shorten course for 100 mile and 100K
  5. 6 PM at CPA Backdoor               Mile 56/73/87  Shorten course for 100 mile and 100K
  6. 7PM COURSE CLOSES                All riders transported back to Main event site.


DROP BAGS and PIT Lanes:

DROP BAG option will be available ( MILEAGE TO BE CONFIRMED)

  • Please only use 1 or 2 gal ZIPLOCK bags,
  • Marked clearly with you bike number and your last name.
  • Drop bags will be transported to and from CPB.
  • Rider must ensure the seal the bag, and assume full responsibility for the contents of the DropBag.


  • The Aid Station at the Main Event site will include a pit lane.
  • Rider may leave coolers and personel belonging here.
  • BUT the race organisation does not assume responsibility for anything left in the Pit Lane.

Break Down of Aid Stations:  –There will also be great spectator points where the riders can be seen, and these will be accessible on foot and by car. Use this link to Google MapsExact locations are Subject to changeMile  8/19                AID (CP-A) Lundy RdMile 16/62/82           AID (Main Event site) Pit lanes (Tech Support by Giant)Mile 8/46/55/68/85       AID (CPB) ( DROP BAG LOCATION) Rouge harbor rd at Twerwillinger Trail Head (Tech Support by Giant)Mile 26/44/             WATER (CP-D) Cherry / Upper Cherry rd at Artisanal WellMile  36                  AID Yagerville rd/ Trail head atv trailMile 49/70/ 87        WATER at Lundy rd river crossingMile 58/83              AID (CP-A ) Back door to LippmanMike 62/100            FIN/AID at Main Event siteRecommended Riding Equipment:• Mobile telephone (We do not specifically provide an area in the race village for you to
charge your phone. Please keep your phone off to conserve battery life.)
• First aid kit (foil survival blanket, first aid dressings x 3, adhesive Band-Aids x 5, sun-block)
• Whistle
• 100oz of liquid carrying capacity (hydration pack/water bottles)
• Multi-tool/bike repair tools
• Basic consumables for your bike (brake pads, tubes, puncture repair, etc)
• Energy barsYour bike!____________________________________________________Rules:
The following race rules apply for the Wildcat Epic 100 MTB Race. Final rules and amendments will be communicated at the race briefing, prior to the race start.  The Wildcat Epic is conducted in the sprit of self-contained, and self-reliant, responsible backcountry cycling. Riders participate in the event with the understanding of the race rules, the strict use of leave no trace practices and in acceptance of this ethos.

  1. 1.     Riders

1.1.  Minimum age of participation is 16 years on Jan 1st 2013.
1.2.  Riders must be in good health and well trained.

  1. Medical

2.1.         During the race, our Wildcat Medical Team reserves the right to withdraw a rider who is not deemed physically capable of continuing race.

  1. 3.     Bicycles

3.1.         Only Mountain Bikes (No cyclo-cross bikes please) in good working order will be allowed to start the race.
3.2.         Bike Marking:
3.2.1.              Bikes must be marked with official Wildcat Epic number board.
3.2.2.              It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that their bike is appropriately marked.
3.2.3.              Riders whose bikes are not marked will not be allowed to start the race.
3.2.4.              Bikes must be race-ready at the start of each stage, and during the race.
3.2.5.              Race ready will mean the following:
-The bike is correctly marked
-The front number board is securely fitted and visible from the front
-The bike is in safe working order
3.3.         Maintenance of bicycles during the race is the responsibility of each rider.
3.4.         In all cases of maintenance and repair, riders are required to complete the full distance of the stage with their bikes and within the time allowed.

  1. 4.     Helmets and Clothing

4.1.         A rider not wearing a helmet at any stage of the race will be disqualified.
4.2.         All helmets must comply with international ‘ANSI’ standards.
4.3.         Appropriate riding attire, including a shirt, must be worn at all times.
4.4.         Eye protection is strongly recommended.
4.5.         It is recommended that fully enclosed footwear be worn.

  1. 5.     Rider Identification

5.1.         Riders must display their entire race numbers at all times.
5.2.         Bike numbers must be firmly fixed on the bike, and must not be obscured by cables or any other item.
5.3.         Race numbers must not be modified or mutilated in any way, including cutting, adding stickers, removing existing stickers or trimming.

  1. 6.      Obligatory Equipment

6.1.         Obligatory equipment items must be considered the bare minimum, and it is strongly recommended that riders ensure that they are fully prepared to deal with emergencies they may encounter.
6.2.         The following items must, however, be carried by the rider during the race:
6.3.         First Aid Kit – consisting of a minimum of:
6.3.1.            Foil survival blanket
6.3.2.            First Aid Dressings x 3 (Sizes 2, 3 and 4 recommended)
6.3.3.            Adhesive Band aids x 5
6.3.4.            Sun-block with a minimum SPF factor of 15
6.3.5.            Any riders on specific personal medications are responsible for supplying and carrying such medication.
6.4.         At least 100oz of liquid capacity per rider.
6.5.         Multi-tool or bike repair tools
6.6.         Two spare tubes (Unless riding tubeless)
6.7.         Tire inflation method (CO2 or bike pump)
6.8.         Mobile telephone. We do not specifically provide an area in the Race Village for you to charge your phone. Please keep your phone off to conserve battery life.)

  1. 7.     Finish

7.1.         The finish line closes 1 hour before sunset daily.
7.2.         Riders that are deemed by the Race Organizers to arrive at the finish line after the cut-off time will be swept off the route by the sweep vehicle. These riders may continue riding the race, but will not qualify as complete stage or race finishers.
7.3.         Rolling cutoffs will be in effect at the discretion of the Race Directors.  If you are going too slowly, we will ask that you discontinue on the official course for the day.

  1. 8.      Traffic/Trail Regulations

8.1.         The Wildcat Epic will not have exclusive use of any public roads during the race.
8.2.         All regular traffic regulations must be observed at all times during the race.
8.3.         While on trails and Rail Trail, Multiuse policy apply.
8.4.         Speeding: this is a race but we need to be sure when you are asked to slow down it is for your own safety and you must obey the event staff’s instructions.
8.5.         Riders must obey all traffic control measures, including instructions issued by official course marshals.
8.6.         ROAD CROSSINGS!!! – There are several road crossings each day.  To help ensure safety we are implementing MANDATORY dismounts at all road crossings!  Cones will mark the dismount point, riders will use EXTREME CAUTION to cross the road; a cone on the other side will mark the end of the dismount zone.  Any rider observed riding in a dismount zone would be immediately DISQUALIFIED!

  1. 9.     Checkpoints

9.1.         In each stage, there will be mandatory checkpoints.
9.2.         Rider that do not pass the checkpoints will be disqualified.
9.3.         The exact location of the checkpoints will not be published, and hidden checkpoints are not excluded.
9.4.         The exact locations of watering and feed stations will be published.

  1. 10.  Registration and Briefing

10.1.      Race Registration will be open as noted above.
10.2.      A complete Race Briefing will take place as noted above.

  1. 11.  Nutrition and Hydration

11.1.      The Wildcat 100 will pass through some of the toughest riding the Catskills have to offer, and during the Summer  heat and high humidity, so plan accordingly.
11.2.      Riders retain the ultimate responsibility to carry enough water and nutrition with them.
11.3.      Wildcat Epic Events will provide water, nutrition and fruit at Feed Stations on the route.

  1. 12.  . Seconding and Support

12.1.      Competitors may receive assistance from a fellow competitor. (see below).
12.2.      Outside seconding, assistance or feeding is permitted in designated areas only.
12.3.      Outside assistance includes assisting with bike maintenance, water and nutrition support and physically assisting riders.
12.4.      Bike repairs may be performed on the route but without obstructing other riders.
12.5.      Neutral feeding, watering and medical assistance will be supplied by the Race Organization at the feed stations
12.6.      Riders are not allowed to draft behind other riders who are not participating in the Wildcat, but may draft their own team partner or other riders taking part in the Wildcat.
12.7.      No other form of drafting is permitted whatsoever including, but not limited to, private vehicles, motor cycles and or any other means.
12.8.      Specific escort vehicles will only be provided where necessary and possible and not during all sections of the race. Road traffic including spectators, must obey instructions issued by the escort. Supporters may drive their own vehicles along public roads to reach vantage points to vocally support riders. Some sections of the course will be closed to all non-event traffic – including some public roads. All must respect their closure.

  1.  Ethical and Environmental

13.1.      The Wildcat Epic will follow strict LEAVE NO TRACE practices during the Event. Any offence of this rule will result in time penalties or disqualification. Anyone needing info on these practices should contact us.
13.2.      No littering or unnecessary damage to the environment will be tolerated.
13.3.      Litter out on the course, including sports nutrition packaging, bike spares, water bottles, etc. will not be tolerated.
13.4.      Drop Zones will be set up at feeding stations, and this is the only place where litter may be dropped during the event.
13.5.      Beware of snakes.  Rattle snakes have been sited frequently on the trails.

  1. Protests

14.1.      Any protests must be submitted in writing, to the Race Director after the rider has crossed the finish line, within the allocated time period.
14.2.      Race Protests must be submitted within 15 minutes of the rider crossing the finish line.

  1.  Disqualification and Penalties

15.1.      Teams may be disqualified at the discretion of the Race Director for any one or more of the following reasons including, but not limited to:
15.2.      Riding at any point on any stage without a helmet
15.3.      Littering outside of designated Drop Zones.
15.4.      Disrespect or damage to the environment
15.5.      Bad sportsmanship
15.6.      Abuse of Race Officials or volunteers
15.7.      Traffic Rule violations
15.8.      Breaking of Wildcat Epic Race Rules as described above
15.9.      Rule infringements and Penalties are provided in the Table at 24 below, but are not limited to that Table.
15.10.   Time penalties will be applied to Stage results, as well as to Overall Race results or General Classification

  1. 16.  Basic Mountain Bike Racing Rules and Etiquette

16.1.      Riders must complete the entire distance of the race, and the responsibility for following the official route lies with the rider.
16.2.      A rider is not permitted to take any shortcuts or to omit a circuit, or take other advantage of a similar nature against opponents.
16.3.      Riders, who exit the route of the course for any reason, must return to the course at the exact same point from which they exited.
16.4.      Any walking, running or riding by a rider, which is carried out without the intention of directly re-joining the course, or other activity in breach of the regulations, which takes place outside of the marked course area, can result in disqualification.
16.5.      A rider cannot receive any technical assistance along the course from anybody, other than another official Wildcat Epic rider or race provided support.
16.6.      Riders must act in a polite manner at all times, and permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.
16.7.      Riders must respect the countryside and ride only on the official route. Riders must avoid polluting the area, and not leave any waste or litter.
16.8.      No glass containers of any kind are permitted on or near the course.
16.9.      Riders must not use offensive or abusive language during the race, act in an unsporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials, or ignore the race regulations.

  1. 17.  Discretion of the Race Director

17.1.      Where any additional rule interpretation is required, or where specific provision for any incident has not been made in these rules, the decision of the Race Director will be final.

Rule# Rule and/or Offence First Offence Second Offence Third Offence Remarks
3. Bicycles Disqualification N/A N/A
4. Not wearing helmet Disqualification N/A N/A
6. Rider Identification Verbal warning 10 minute TP 30 minute TP Repeat offenders can receive harsher sanction or DQ
8. Route and Stages Disqualification N/A N/A
12. Traffic Regulations Verbal warning 30 minute TP 1 hour TP Repeat offenders can receive harsher sanction or DQ
18. Environmental and Ethical 1 Hour TP Disqualification N/A A serious first offence can also result in disqualification
20. Doping Disqualification N/A N/A
21. Disqualification Categories Minimum verbal warning Minimum 1 hour TP Minimum additional 1 hour TP A serious first offence can also result in disqualification


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